No No Power Rangers: A Power Rangers Review

No No Power Rangers: A Power Rangers Review

Power Rangers is the new Hollywood blockbuster reboot to the classic 90s TV show Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. It follows five teenagers with attitude facing off against Rita Repulsa an evil ex-ranger who wants to find the Zeo crystal and… destroy the earth I guess?

The plot is straightforward if a little cliche and reliant on coincidence. The Zeo crystal just happens to be under angel grove, most of the rangers just happen to be in detention together, they just happen to be in the mine at the same time, the power coins just happen to choose them to be rangers and Rita just happens to be revived at the same time. This makes it hard to feel invested in the movie as it stops things feeling organic and like they happen naturally.

The characters themselves are fine but are a little too edgy for Power Rangers, especially Trini who despite the marketing’s claims of being a lesbian refuses to commit to any label. Billy is the least edgy as he is genuinely friendly and endearing while still being awkward. He is also on the Autistic spectrum. It’s done as tastefully as you’d expect from a film called Power Rangers but doesn’t really add much to the story. Zack is obnoxious, he has a sympathetic backstory (an ill mother) but doesn’t act sympathetically and breaks 2 of Zordon’s rules (Takes the mastodon out for a joy ride and again summons it when the only monsters are putties) Kimberly feels the most organic as she is the best fleshed out of the five, however her backstory (leaked a nude of her friend cheating to said friend’s boyfriend) really has no place in a Power Rangers movie. Jason is a Jock who threw his potential career away when he stole a bull and crashed his truck, he is pretty generic but has a good heart.

The pacing of this film is abysmal. It takes almost the whole film to see them morph and they only have one proper fight before summoning the Zords. We do see the previous Rangers in the beginning and Billy accidentally morphing part way through but neither compares to a full transformation and fight scene. The film is closer to a Breakfast Club/Chronicle crossover than Power Rangers.

As soon a the team morphs properly it feels like a completely different film, now the teens are wisecracking as they fight rock monsters and all previous edginess is forgotten and I really enjoyed it. Those last 10/15 minutes were what I wanted for the whole movie. There is plenty of room for the sequel to improve on things, hints at new villain and Tommy Oliver’s introduction for example but as a movie standing on its own, even ignoring the TV show it spawned from it isn’t great. I can’t say I’d recommend it.

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